Rashaa was an excellent, highly intelligent and engaging speaker. Her journey away from radical Islam to a politics of hope and freedom is inspiring. Rashaa’s expresses a thirst for more knowledge and the desire to inspire others to question.

Really love receiving your emails with their rich teaching.  Please know that you are very much appreciated.

I just wanted to let you know that the conference last Saturday in Crawley was fantastic.  The speakers were informative, thought-provoking yet often entertaining – a difficult combination at any time!  I learnt so much and was challenged to deepen my relationship with Jesus.  Despite being in pain with a bad back, the time sped by, I was sad when the day was over.  May our Lord and Messiah continue to bless your ministry, which is so important.

The Emmaus Group talks are both shocking and refreshing. They stun with content. The speakers are a picture of what unity in Christ is, and a signal of God’s true plan for Israel and the Middle East.   No Christian can afford to take their cue from the mainstream media on this issue.  Be informed and be equipped – I strongly recommend inviting the Emmaus Group.

A brief but sincere note of thanks for the Perfect Storm gathering on Saturday.  It was a significant day, timely, challenging and enormously encouraging.  May the Lord bless you with His affirming kiss.

My wife and I would like to thank you for a wonderful conference at York last Saturday.  We came away, richly blessed by the whole day’s ministry from start to finish.  We have still not come down to earth.  The keynote speaker, Dr. Howard Morgan in particular was inspiring.  The teaching was uplifting, the music team was great and the Sisters of Mary very touching.  We did, and do appreciate your very generous gift of the opportunity to be part of that day.  Thank you so much.

Totally terrific. Well done to all the team. We had great time and the Lord moved in our lives.  Loads to share so will have to visit.

How special your visit was to us on Sunday.  Thank you for your willingness to go forth and speak out for the Lord, we continue to pray for the clear proclamation of your message and safety.

Just read your article on Keeping the Sabbath.  You are right on the money, as they say.  My wife and I have been keeping Shabbat and the Lord’s feasts for some years now, teaching others to do the same, a seed that needs to be watered again and again.

Dear friends at Emmaus.  Praise the Lord! Alleluia! I am so thrilled at your latest letter, that you are going to start publishing some challenging and controversial subjects.  I get some interesting and sometimes bewildering emails and YouTubes forwarded to me by a friend, which I listen to with interest and also caution. So I agree with you that it is time now to get the church right.  I look forward with great interest to what you will be publishing in the next few months and I support you in your efforts to revitalise all believers to be on our knees for our country, Israel and the rest of the world.

We at Lydia always long to hear what God is doing in His land and in  the nations. This is just one of the responses that I heard from delegates, “the amazing testimonies of the girls were heart wrenching!”   I have never seen such a queue to sign up for continued information to be sent to them.  Everyone was absolutely thrilled with what you shared and ministered.

Many of our participants at our leadership training seminar found the Emmaus group lecture both insightful and inspiring.  It brought a new and more accurate perspective on the issues surrounding Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The Emmaus Group brought a powerful message about the plight of the Palestinian Christians and God’s purposes for Israel.

It seems like everywhere I turn, I am coming across people telling me what a good meeting it was and how impacted they were by what you said or how sad they are that they missed it.  Church people that came keep quoting things in meetings I attend.  This week, when I met the local parliamentary candidate he was full of praise for the meeting, telling me how informative and helpful he found it.  It was so good you’ve left me with a problem knowing how to “follow that”!