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Signs in the Heavens DVD

Genesis 1:14 tells us that God placed the lights in the heavens to be for signs and season, as well as for days and years. The stars, planets, sun, moon and ‘astronomical’ constellations were created and placed in the heavens by God for us – to communicate with us.  For example, God said to Job in chapter 38:31, “can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth a constellation in its season and guide the Bear with her satellites?”

Over the centuries ‘astrology’ has superseded ‘astronomy,’ notably biblical astronomy. The result being Christians avoid looking at the heavens, which declare the glory of God, for fear of becoming entangled in astrology. Thus they miss the very things God wants to show them!

Our “Signs in the Heavens” DVD takes you on a journey using biblical astronomy and shows you two seemingly important discoveries. First you’ll see the star of Bethlehem. But secondly, and much more importantly, the signs depicted in Revelation 12:1-4.  These signs, if following the scripture chronologically, appear around the mid-way point of the tribulation, before we enter the period of time described by the prophet Daniel, and Jesus, as the ‘Great Tribulation’.

In the DVD, using scientific astronomical software, you will see signs depicting those in Revelation 12:1-4.  They appear  September 23rd 2017 – during the biblical feast of trumpets!

If correct, then such a date implies we may already be in the tribulation.  What tribulation you may ask? Well, remember biblical prophecy focuses on the Middle-East, specifically Israel and her neighbours. Currently Israel’s neighbours are at war and believers in Jesus are indeed in a tribulation now, persecuted, killed and even beheaded for their faith, as is written: “and I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God”. (Rev 20:4)

Watch this extraordinary DVD, pray, and wait upon the Lord to show you what He wants you to understand.

Order a copy of our Signs in the Heavens DVD, to use at home, in home groups and other meetings, to share this fascinating teaching video on the signs God puts in the heavens.

This video is also available to watch for free on our YouTube channel, and you can find it by clicking here.

To buy a copy of the DVD, you can contact us by email, or use the Paypal button below.  The price is £8.00 plus £0.65 postage.  

“Defending Christian Zionism” by David Pawson

Zionism is a comparatively recent word, coined to describe the return of the Jews to the land of their ancestors and the re-establishment of the nation-state of Israel, with Jerusalem (Zion) as their capital. A Zionist is one who takes part in this or supports those who do. There are Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists. There are also Jewish anti-Zionists and Christian anti-Zionists. This book is written with the last mentioned group in mind.

Price £5.00 (+ £1.50 P&P)

“Rebel Church” By Peter Sammons

Parts of the church have always rebelled against Jesus. History is replete with examples. But is something different happening today?  The author argues that the state of the church today is materially different from previous rebellious phases. He introduces a fresh vision for individual Christians around God’s priorities for believers. Readers are challenged to see what the church ought to be – and can be, by God’s grace and mercy!

Price £5.00 (+ £1.50 P&P)

“Game Changer”

Paul Parkhouse, Arise ICEJ UK, has written a short, readable booklet, which is an excellent resource to give out to church leaders and Christian friends.  Subtitled ‘What modern Israel means for your gospel, your faith and your church’, Paul concisely explains the significance of Israel in these days.  You can download a copy of this e-book for free. Print copies cost £3 each or £3.50 inc. postage for individuals in UK from the ICEJ website. They are also offering bulk order discounts as follows:

  • 10-19, 10%
  • 20-50, 20%
  • 50+, 30%

We highly recommend it!  

Emmaus Conferences

You can find recordings of our conferences, where available, here to listen to or download.

Mike Fryer

Mike (pastor of Father’s House Sabbath Congregation, North Wales) spoke at our 2016 summer conference on Paganism in the Church.  A truly eye-opening, and challenging day, looking at the ways in which paganism has been mixed into mainstream church practice in a way that is actually contrary to God’s Word.  He explores the origins of this mixture and how over the past 2000 years, the church has become very different from how it was originally, challenging us to consider getting back to doing things biblically, following God’s ways rather than the traditions of men.

Robin Benson

Robin Benson has been involved in much work for Israel and in the world of Christian Zionism over the years. He also oversaw the development of a course which explores the connection between Judaism, Christianity, Israel and the Church.  He has also often taught in Churches, at conferences and has regularly appeared on Revelation TV.

Dr Howard Morgan – Keynote Speaker

Howard is a Messianic Jewish preacher whose anointed, insightful and successful ministry is inspiring and equipping believers across the globe. Howard Morgan is a gifted communicator with a passion to see the Body of Christ come to spiritual maturity, and the Church restored to her Hebraic Routes. He is was the the Keynote speaker for the Emmaus 2014 conference, and his sermons are well worth diving into.

Useful Material

A selection of videos that we think you may find helpful are given below.

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An interesting and yet saddening BBC2 documentary we recommend watching..the plight of the Christians in Iraq will break your heart. Please forward this link to as many as possible, their story needs to be heard.

Signs in the Heavens

See the Star of Bethlehem and the signs depicted in Revelation 12 with an introduction to Biblical astronomy and scriptural references. Be in awe of God! (36 minutes – available on DVD) To order DVD, go to

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali speaks of the divisions in the Anglican Communion

We must seek unity, honour the truth of God’s word and stand together.   Such division as is happening in the Church of England is a tragedy: one we at Emmaus pray the Spirit of God will intervene in to help them see the truth and be reconciled.   God’s word is non-negotiable for He is God!