About the Emmaus Group

The Emmaus Group was established in Bethlehem in 2012, in order to explore and better understand God’s prophetic purposes for Israel.  Over time, Emmaus has evolved into an online community of people who share a common interest in understanding more about the situation in the Middle East from a biblical perspective, and who seek a far deeper understanding of God’s word.   Emmaus is acutely aware of the times in which we live and is called to be a voice that is not afraid to speak God’s truth.  In these days of increasing deception, there is a ever greater need to inform and equip the Church.   The Emmaus Group mandate therefore consists of 3 points:

Our Autumn 2016 conference was a memorable event, in which our speakers shared hard-hitting truth that will affect all Christians in the UK.   If you too have a heart for what we feel called to do, then you can make a difference by supporting the Emmaus Group today.