We speak in many churches, synagogues, universities and other venues, advocating peace, reconciliation, understanding and most importantly solutions.  With Christian, Jewish and Moslem speakers we seek to inform and educate in matters not often discussed in public and do not shy away from contentious issues.  Powerful personal testimonies and sound biblical messages are at the core of our work.   Please contact us if you are interested in a speaker coming to you.



Join us on Saturday 21st November in Crawley for our annual gathering.

This year’s theme is “playing in injury time” because time is short: we must ready ourselves for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead as we pursue a crown of glory and ensure our names are written in the book of life.  More information…


Emmaus Group’s vision is to reconcile the Church to her roots, advocate God’s truth and remember the plight of Christians and Jews living in the Middle East today.  We also challenge the Body of Christ to consider prayerfully her call to obey and follow the commands of the Lord. Please help us in our work by donating towards our operational costs.